Evy Fox

 office Administrator

Evy Fox has been our front office secretary for 19 years. She handles all administration needs for the school. 


Nancy Smith


"Ms Nancy", as she has been preciously known as for 27 years, is one of our amazing Pre-K teachers. She is also our head coordinator for Summer Adventures during the summer break as well as our Extended Care program with CityHope Schools.


Ramona Twaddle


"Mrs Ramona" has been with CityHope School for 24 years now. She is a wonderful teacher who prior to coming to CityHope spent 8 years at another Christian School and 3 years working primarily with special needs students.  


Linda Buck


Linda has been involved in shaping and teaching children most of her life. She is the mother of 7 but has taught elementary school off and on for close to 43 years. In addition to being our Kindergarten teacher she also serves as our Children's Ministry Director at CityHope church.


Donna Spets

1st Grade

Donna has been with CityHope Schools for 14 years but has been an elementary school teacher for more than 47 years. She has her masters degree in Reading and we find that many of the students, by the end of the year, are reading beyond their current grade level. Donna will be a vital part of your child's educational foundation.

Michelle Rowe

2nd/3rd grade

Michelle has been with CityHope Schools for 9 years now and brings mountains of sunshine and energy to our 2nd - 3rd grade combo class.  She has 36 years of teaching experience in elementary education, and was recipient of the 2008 A.C.S.I. (Assoc. of Christian Schools International) Regional Distinguished Teacher Award. We are blessed to have her as a part of our staff and your students lives.


Bobbie Elizondo

4th/5th Grade

Bobbie has been with CityHope Schools for 13 years but has been an educator for 39 years. As our 4th, 5th and sometimes 6th grade teacher she is the perfect fit for our students in preparing them not only for the transition to middle school, but also with the disciplines necessary for life. She is passionate about teaching and will be adored by your kids as a teacher and a mentor.


Ted Buck


Ted serves as the Senior Pastor of CityHope Church and also acts as Principle and lead Administrator of CityHope Schools. He has lead CityHope for the last 40 years and is passionate about partnering with Families in the education of their children.