Beautiful Savior - Eternity in Christ

When I think about eternity I know it is forever with no beginning and no ending,  it boggles my mind.

I heard somebody saying about someone,  "He has Eternity in His voice!  What does that mean?  Then I read Ecclesiastes 3:11.  "He has made everything beautiful in it's time. Also He has put Eternity into a man's heart."

As I thought about this I realized that God has put Eternity into every person.  It's His stamp on our lives.  We will all live forever somewhere....somewhere! For those of us who know Christ it's exciting.  We know where we're going.  But for those who don't, it's chilling. 

That'swhy everything we say is backed by eternity and the power of God that lives in us shining out.  This shouldmake us feel and act like the powerful warriors we are for the kingdom.

God's eyes are  upon each person who has ever lived whether they know Jesus  or not!  Even the ungodly are cared for by God!  His arms are stretched out to people when they are still in their sins.  God tells us that when were His enemies, He loved us enough to give Christ to die for us.  This was even before we knew Him.

So our sin has already been judged.  Theseparating barriers between God and man are down.  We are free, liberated by His power.  We are restored to a place of total innocence, to man's original closeness and fellowship[ with God! we come!

I encourage you to watch Mandisa singing "Unfinished"  on GodTube. 

Also watch "Taste of Eternity" on youtube by Bellarive