Beautiful Savior

I know so many people are praying for loved ones who don't know Jesus and we know God has promised them to us. families are the closest thing on earth to the heart of the father. God wanted the name of every head of the house and his family in the gate of the tabernacle.  The silver sockets, which held the veil of the temple, were made out of the shekels of their redemption.  these sacrifices of half a shekel of silver were made by each man as a ransom of his soul unto the Lord. The shekels were to be melted and the gates were to hang on  the very fact that God has included ALL in His plan!

.The redemption plan for families was so important to God that He required each family to give a memorial offering  of a half a shekel every year so they wouldn't forget!  In Exodus 30:12-16 it says it.  Look it up.

I remember one day praying for my daughter, Angela. The burden was so heavy I laid on the floor before God crying and agonizing to Him. Suddenly a beautiful clear voice rang in my desperate heart.  He said, "Don't you know I love Angela so much more than you ever could? So can you give her to me?"

I thought to myself either I trust God or not.  I lifted my hands, as I lay prone on the floor, and said, "Yes God I give Angela to you.

Instantly such peace and joy filled my heart that I jumped up and began praising God.  Alan also was carrying the heavy burden so I told him what God said and my joy splashed all over him too, Angela had been some place where I didn't think even God would go. 

But suddenly God spoke to her and said, Angela,

"What are you doing here? You go home!"

She told me she jumped in her car, and hoping there were no policeman around, drove as fast as she could to get home.  That night there was a knock on our door, and Angela was standing there, tears streaming down her face.  She said "Mom, Dad, can I come home?"

With hearts full of joy we said, absolutely you can come home.  It took our breath away to know how quickly God answered our prayers. I was so excited about what God did, I tried to help Him fix her and get her on her new path. One day Angela said to me, "Mom, you know that it was God that brought me back don't you?" 

I said "Of course I know.  It was such a supernatural answer to our prayers!" Angela looked at me and said very sincerely. "Mom, can't you trust God to finish working on me?"