Beautiful Savior - Death, The Horses are Coming

A couple of months ago, I received a call about a musical family, who had performed at the church many years ago.  They had moved to Nashville and started a recording studio there.  The gentleman was an incredible songwriter and producer in the Christian music world, and had done very well.

A few years ago he had contracted diabetes and had to be admitted to the hospital.  He finally ended up in a coma and his family prepared for him to die.  One night, his wife was at the hospital, and his daughter had gone home to sleep.  In the middle of the night his daughter awakened feeling like something holy was happening at the hospital with her Dad. 

She immediately called her mother, and said, "Mom, something holy is happening." At that moment her dad sat up and asked her mother, "Do you see the White horses?"  She said, "I don't see anything"   Then he yelled out four times, "The horses are coming! The horses are coming!  The horses are coming! The horses are coming!"

Then I saw Heaven open wide, and oh, a white horse and it’s rider. The rider named Faithful and True
— Rev 19:11

Then he burst out in the most beautiful praise.  He sang for about a half an hour and then laid down, closed his eyes and entered the presence of Jesus.  I believe he just mounted that beautiful horse he saw, and rode it right into the His arms.

Revelation 19:11 (MSG) says: "Then I saw Heaven open wide, and oh, a white horse and it's Rider. The rider named Faithful and True judges and makes war in pure righteousness.  He is dressed in a robe soaked with blood and He is addressed as "The Word Of God!' The armies of Heaven, mounted on white horses and dressed in dazzling white linen follow Him.  On His robe and thigh is written "King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

It is so wonderful to know that we are in God's hands in this life, and also when we die, He walks with us in peace and joy and we will be with Him forever!