Beautiful Savior - STRENGTH

When we find Christ our whole life changes.  Our beautiful savior makes us into a brand new creation.  But my husband gave me a wonderful book by Chuck Missler called, "The Kingdom, Power, and Glory."   It opened up a whole new insight on what happens at salvation.

What happens to our hearts when we are born again?   There are three words that each represents some aspect of God's  Resurrection Power.  There are three functions of God's  supernatural power that we receive at our new birth.

Number one is Dunamis which we receive in our spirits when we are born and that strengthens us spiritually. Number two is His Kratos-Might which operates in our souls and strengths us emotionally. Number three His Ischus , strength which operates in our bodies.

Lets start with God's Dunamis Power which means Divine Ability or Divine Empowerment.  Itis inherent power and a source of dependable and continuous power.  Dunamis almost always points to a new and higher force that has entered and is now working through us.

Dunamis also means having the capacity to carry something out, the strength to implement an ideaor to take a thought and make it an action!  Wow, isn't that exciting in our Christian walk? God has not only given us His Dunamis power, His divine ability to do the impossible, He has also given us the ability to rein in ourselves so that He can work freely through us.

“Being strengthened (Dunamoo) with all power (Dunamis) according to His glorious power (kratos) unto all patience and joyfully giving thanks to the Father.”
— Ephesians 6:10

Kratos is associated with the Greek word Exsousia which means authority.  God gives us the authority (Exsousia) not only to choose His will, but also His power (Krato)) to perform that will. Kratos means "mastery over self, self control, or power to reign in.  also it's the power to put off our sin and self, and then put on Christ! 

Ischus means the physical strength or ability needed to actually do His will.  It's manifested or expressed energy, being superior in the physical sense.

God's Resurrection power is a steady flow of energy that is not dependent upon our understanding, emotions, or circumstances.  It'ssimply our choice to believe God's word and then trust Him to implement His will in our lives!

Our yielding imparts God's strength.  for instance Moses used a staff to command the hand of the Lord. Samson used a jawbone to kill a thousand men. David used five small stones to kill the giant Goliath. The widow baked a handful of flour and oil that fed Elijah and her family for weeks.  And Jesus fed five thousand people with five barley loaves.

What can we do with all the power at our disposal?