Linda Buck

My Feet Were Made For Walking Part 4

Mother’s Day was filled with the smells of Goodwood Bar b Que, wet dogs, wet kids and chlorine, flowers, and the sweet fraquence of our church family worship.  My emotional tank got a good filling.  I believe in the church, flawed as sometimes it may seem (because I am in the church).  It is God’s desire to see us, the church, come together regularly.  At the end of the day Ted and I said to each other,

My Feet Were Made For Walking Part 3

Following this word from the Lord is like hiking on an old trail.  It has become overgrown, it is rough with rugged stones, and large tree roots make the walk seemingly unsafe. It is a rough trail and I would rather go another route.  I like to walk the path of God wants me happy.  I like the contemporary path that allows me to send the relevancy of God’s Word back to the ‘old days’ but I can’t.

My Feet Were Made For Walking Part 2

The girls and I have talked about hiking in several of the Idaho mountain ranges this summer. Isaiah 52:7 says, How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”  It would be so fun as we reach the top to hold up a banner that says, GOOD NEWS!!!!   GOD REIGNS!!!!

My Feet Were Made For Walking Part 1

About two years ago I started wearing a zip fitbit.  I checked my account Thursday, May 4th and discovered that in a span of two years I have walked 4,680,564 steps.  That is 2,047 miles.  I have earned 713 online daily step awards and 9 Lifetime Distance awards.  I have earned badges that represent marathons that I have never hear of, such as, the Penguin March (70 Miles), The London Underground (250 miles) Serengeti (500 Miles) the Great Barrier Reef (1600 miles) and others.