1 + 3 = 13

Daily Bible Cover God is always speaking, always moving, constantly desiring to reveal Himself to His people in new ways, EVERYDAY! Sadly, we rarely take time in our “busy” lives to STOP and listen, watch and become more aware of what He’s doing and see where He’s going. The truth is we aren’t that busy. We can’t escape Him. He tries to speak to us as we’re stuck in morning traffic, sipping our grande coffee. God sees this as a great opportunity to speak, but of course the stress and chaos of our lives drown out His voice. Although He’s speaking we are just oblivious and think, “Why doesn’t God ever talk to me”? He speaks to people through creation, He’s speaking while your watching a movie in a theater, He communicates to people at the craziest times of life, amidst the most peculiar places and during the oddest hours of the night...If only a generation would hunger for Him more and desire communion with Him. Eternity will not be enough time for Him to reveal all of Himself to His people. Eternity will not be able to contain the fullness of the praise, glory and adoration that He deserves! Today He is speaking something NEW, revealing MORE OF HIMSELF to the world’s oldest christian and to the world’s wisest theologian. WE CAN’T STOP PRESSING INTO HIM, SEEK HIM, THERE IS MORE!!!

God speaks to me a lot in the form of numbers. I was blown away when I saw that the Ravens were playing the 49ers in the Superbowl. Laugh as you may, but 4 + 9 = 13’ (which happens to be the year we are in, 2013, and the day of the month right now, the 13th of February). Raven’s symbolize God’s provision in 1 Kings 17:4 (Which, haha, if you add up all of those numbers you get 13 as well) . God miraculously orchestrated Ravens to feed Elijah during a famine. And then the Spirit spoke to me, “I’m bringing my provision in 2013”. Haha I don’t care if you believe this, I claim it over my life and over Central Assembly. (God says let there be light, Genesis 1:3, and was there not a black out on the 49ers side that delayed the game? But God said let there be light in 13') Ultimately every day, every year God provides for those who are His! Although He is not limited to speaking to me in this way, I’m always enamored with the ways of which God communicates to me and to His people. The truth is God is all about numbers. He knows the days of your life, the hairs of your head, the amount of tears you’ve cried, the breaths that you’ve taken, the # of sand on the seashores. If its about His people, His creation, He knows about it and is not surprised when something happens. I believe God does things on purpose. He is a God of order. Nothing is random.

In Numbers 26, God tells Moses to do another census, counting, once again, all the able-bodied men, 20 years and over, that would be willing to fight in His army. This time the number of people would actually determine the amount of land each tribe would be given. Every person (with respect to the Levites) was allotted the same amount of land, which to me is awesome!

Lets stop there...God, the One who knows each man personally and individually, wants Moses to count His people. WHY? Why couldn’t He just tell Moses, as He had told Him everything else? God could of chiseled it on a stone, as He had done the 10 commandments and it would of saved Moses a lot of time...a lot of time. But God loves co-laboring with His people. Even if it’s a little act of sticking your staff in the red sea, so He can part it and allow His people to enter. Even if it’s building an ark and filling it with food as He brings all of creation, shuts the door and makes it rain. God loves using His people in accomplishing His desires, that’s why it is so imperative that we are obedient with the little He gives us and do what ever it is He instructs us. GOD WANTS TO USE YOU!

Moses counts all the people and now we see that our fighting force has dropped by 1,820. The realist says, “So Moses, I see that we have fewer fighting men and this is good? We couldn’t defeat these nation’s with the numbers we had then, but now the Lord want’s us to fight with fewer people? Also why are we already talking about dividing a land that you and I know WE CURRENTLY DO NOT OWN OR POSSESS??? But God is used to our limited understanding and knows that we don’t see as He sees, but regardless “He who called you is faithful and will do it!”

He was preparing them for war although their numbers went down. He was dividing up the land before it was given to them. He wanted them to “do their part” so He could do His. The Levites are my personal favorite! God was their inheritance!!!! Which is another sermon in and of itself. Also they counted every male a month old and up, foreshadowing what was to come, showing that the “Holy things”, “the presence” would one day be entrusted to anyone at any age.

Today take rest in the fact that He knows your name. Commit your life and plans to God today! Become aware of what He’s speaking to you and what He’s wanting to do through you. Do whatever it is He tells you. Do not just come to Him to get something from Him. The more we desire Him, the more He will full us and use us. Nothing is random! How exciting!!! Praise God!!!!!