He Does Not Yield

Daily Bible CoverHave you ever just longed to be loved? I certainly have been in this place before. I know my wife desires, more often than not, to just be loved. She doesn't need me to fix situations, she doesn't need my help around the house, she doesn't need me analyzing motives and moods: she just needs my love. And to give that to her, I have to hone my focus, I need to remove all other distractions and I have to revolve everything around her needs in the moment. I fail at this often.

As a read today's devotion, I felt God calling out to His people: please, just love me. No longer fear situations, don't search other places for your needs, put your full attention on me, just be my humble servant and remove all other distractions. Revolve your life around me and I will take care of you.

God's people fail at this often.

His reward for those who follow Him is hammered home once again for us in today's reading. We review both the punishment, and the glorious ending full of rejoicing and restoration. God compares himself to other gods, challenges them to tests they will ultimately fail and questions why His people would ever choose anything other than Him. But they do, and God still fights for them.

Isaiah 42:8 says that God will not yield his glory to another. Meaning that He will always fight to be your focus. To have your attention. To attain your love.

Let's try, together, to celebrate victory a bit more in this area and give our creator exactly what He asks of us.