A Fresh Start for 2011

Are you ready for a Fresh Start?  Are you determined that the year 2011 will be the year of all years for you and those you love?  Are you also convinced that God wants that for you too?  You see He knows the plans He has for us and they are, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

One of the ways that he plans to prosper us is to show us the way that He wants us to go.  Just like His plan for Jonah was to go to Nineveh, God will direct our steps as He leads us on the path that He has prepared for us.  A large part of our Fresh Starts for the New Year will be found by us obeying the “go to Nineveh’s” that He speaks to us.

This past Sunday we encountered one of God’s “go to Nineveh’s” in His Word.  It was simple.  It didn’t take an advanced degree to figure it out.  It wasn’t complicated.  And it was for everyone who was at the service that day.  The whole concept from God’s Word that we were to be sure to not be easily offended is something that is within the grasp of everyone who was at our service.

What about your week.  Did you have a chance to be offended but you chose not to?  What was the result?  Did it have a positive effect on your life?  What would it be like to be in community with a group of people who always gave you the benefit of the doubt, that always believed the best for you, that were almost always impossible to offend?  That sounds like Central Assembly during the year 2011 to me.  In fact I have already begun hearing people share with me good things that are happening in their lives because they deliberately chose to not be easily offended.

Here’s to a great year because we will be willing to obey when God gives us a “go to Nineveh.”