A Great King Emerges

Daily Bible CoverLeadership is something you're born with. You either lead, or you follow. All my life, I have led. Most of the time, I've found it's out of necessity. A problem is presented, a solution is needed, and I'm the one to step in and solve it. Humble leadership is something you are taught and grow into. It's more natural, and certainly more time efficient, to bark orders and expect everyone to line up. To replace those who don't with those who will. And to rest well at the end of the day, knowing that the world around you in fully under your authority and control.

Saul was not a humble leader. He defaulted to his agenda most of the time, doing what he wanted, when he wanted. David, on the other hand, is growing into a humble leader. He takes issues to God, listens to his people, and sets examples of faith-based leadership. When David's people came to him and urged him to eat something, he restated his oath to God about not eating before the sun sets. His people "took note, and were pleased." He led by example, not by force and demand.

Today's reading is full of violence. Beheadings, swords through the stomach, murdering, revenge...it's like watching an hour of prime time all up in here! But in-between the violence and chaos of the times, a great king is emerging. One who will inspire generations for centuries after his death with incredible insight and prose about who God is. And we get a glimpse of what's to come from his pen in tomorrow's reading with "A song of deliverance."

I'm looking forward to reading David's Psalms. As a worshipper, I connect greatly with the book and reading how the man behind them came into power has been wonderful. But looking to what's coming in the next couple weeks has me excited to be in the #BibleIn365.