Ahhhh!!! G.Mazilla hits Judah

Daily Bible CoverThe God of heaven and earth, the creator of the universe, who breathed out stars and made man from dust...Who spoke the sun into existence, silencing storms with His voice and raising the dead with a whisper. This is our God! One who relentlessly pursues an unaware generation with a scandalous, unfailing, passionate love. The treasure of His heart isn't gold, diamonds or pearls. The desire of His heart isn't the riches of this earth. The wealth of the world is rubbish in comparison to His chosen people, His royal priesthood, the beggar, the orphan, the sinner, the rebellious, the rich, the poor...that they would once more be a people belonging to Him. That they may know their royal identity and walk into their kingdom purpose as the ones whom the Lord loves and has chosen! Today we read the story about the killer Grandma or should I say G.Mazilla aka Athaliah. This ain't the grandma anyone would covet. She's not the grandma any parents would leave their kids with on a date night. Little red riding hood would never find her self going over the river and through the woods to this maniacs house. G.Mazilla pretty much goes crazy killin' the whole fam, trying to wipe out the entire royal remnant after her son dies. Something drives Jehosheba, a princess and wife of a priest, to sacrifice her life and reputation in saving a future king. We see baby Joash is miraculously saved and protected from this satanic assignment, while spending the next six years growing up in the house of the Lord. After a period of hiding and developing we see Joash becomes Judah’s king at just 7 years old.

This is ministry in a nut shell. What an amazing foreshadow of the Gospel! This portrays the heart of God. It reflects the commission we've all been given. This is what He has done, what He is doing and what He is calling us to do. We were created to live as the sons and the daughters of the King. It’s our spiritual DNA, it’s in our code, our identity is royalty in the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Since we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ that we may share in His sufferings and in His glory, we have been called to seek, to save and awaken his chosen people to their royal identity in Christ. Satan loves to see a generation robbed of it's potential, oblivious of it's true identity...a people held captive by sin, shame and condemnation. The enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus has come that we may have LIFE and life TO THE FULL! [John 10:10]

We see Jesus has come exactly as Jehosheba, finding us defenseless, weak and unable to save ourselves from the clutches of sin and death. Relentlessly He tore the veil, carried us out of darkness, making every effort so that we would one day arise as the people of God, the royalty we were designed to become. This is what the Lord has done for you and for me. He contends for us when we’ve given up hope. He fights relentless for your call, waiting for the day we would walk in His grace and righteousness. He is a relentless God and desires to see us relentlessly pursue a lost generation with His love. That we would run into the darkest places of this earth snatching up His royal people so that they too would one day see who they are and what they’ve been placed here to do and experience.

Thank you Lord for your pursuit after us. We are the grateful ones! Today we ask that you would tear through the veil of hearts and lives and awaken your people to their kingdom purpose. Let us stop at nothing so that men and women would know you and experience the life and the freedom you desire to give. To God be the glory! Amen