Alright, who's the wise guy?

Daily Bible CoverWisdom. It’s the reason we don’t eat yellow snow. It’s the reason someone purchases an umbrella when they find out their moving to Seattle. It’s being completely certain chocolate doesn’t come from dogs. It’s why we don’t place our hands on hot stoves. It’s making sure you got a parachute on before you jump out of an airplane. It’s not eating at a Chinese restaurant where a cat escapes the kitchen. It’s making sure you remembered to put your pants on before you leave for work. Wisdom is often  something we have learned the hard way... I think we could talk for days about all the moments in our lives that we’ve had to learn the hard way, some of it funny and some of it not so much. I’ve got a lot of funny stories and I know if I don’t laugh at myself, my friends and family will... I think I was in junior high when they released Star wars 1, 2&3. I remember we all bought lightsabers and would bring them to school and fight each other at lunch (just for fun, no blood was shed haha). No joke there was probably around 20 of us...and the more I write and think about it the more nerdy I feel...haha oh well.

My favorite character was Yoda, what a boss! I remember watching him jump through the air, doing backflips and summersaults, it was glorious, awesome and so inspiring. I thought to myself, “You know, if Master Yoda can do it, I’m pretty sure I can to.” [This would’ve been a decent time for wisdom to interject with its loving, tender and alarming voice, but it never came or maybe I ignored it] So what did I do? I ran on out to my trampoline with my prized blue lightsaber and started to do some “stunts”. I started jumping, killing thousands of helpless invisible enemies, there was a massacre similar to the clone war. After a good 10 minutes I got the bright idea to do some flips and wave my saber around like Yoda....BUT THE FORCE WAS NOT WITH ME MY FRIENDS! I executed the flip but I ended up hitting myself in the face, which left a bump on my forehead for about a week and a little bit of a black eye....good times. So what is the moral of the story? Always eat your spinach and never talk to strangers.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts have good understanding. To Him belongs eternal praise. Psalm 111:10

If there is anything I desire never to lose, it would be the fear of the Lord. I never want to come to a place in my life where I value man’s opinion over God’s. Man’s desires over the Lord's. My plans over the plans of the Lord. It is a scary place to be in, when we show contempt towards the things of God.

In 1 Samuel 2 we read how the sons of Eli, the priest, showed contempt and disregard towards the sacrifices of God and even slept with the women who served at the entrance to the tent of meeting. It came to a point where they just didn’t care and this whole priest thing became a joke. Do you think this pleased the Lord? Do you think He sees it and shakes His head saying, “boys will be boys...”? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Can we actually obtain wisdom without the fear of God? The fear of God produces holiness, purity and a greater faith, a greater trust in God. The more we fear the Lord the greater we will desire to please Him and walk in His ways. If we don’t desire to walk in His ways, if there is no shame in our sin, if their is no conviction in our lives...If we claim to have a relationship with Him and yet continue to do as we want, going our own way, we have no fear of God, we are spitting in the face of the sacrifice of our Savior, rejecting the life He desires to give us.

The fear of God is the reason the psalmist writes in 141:3&4 for the Lord to set a guard over his mouth and to watch the door of his prevent his heart from being drawn to what is evil. Also in verse 5 for an acceptance of the rebukes of the Lord and of righteous men and women. He says he will receive rebukes as kindness and oil on his head that he will not refuse. Because we fear the Lord we know that whatever comes from Him is for our good. Whatever path He leads us on is “THE ONLY WAY”. Whatever He says stands firm forever. His Love endures and His promises will remain. HE IS FAITHFUL AND WILL DO IT. I don’t only desire for the Lord to be the author of my life, I desire for Him to be the perfecter of it as well! So today we must take heart and continue to live lives that are pleasing to Him. Continue to walk in His ways and desire to remain in the places and situations He has called us to. He has not called you to fail. He has called you to trust in his faithfulness.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We must submit to Him and listen to His voice. He knows what we need and He knows what will bring destruction in our lives and what will give us a bump on the head and a black eye haha.

Lord we ask for a greater fear of God in our lives. We ask that you would re-awaken hearts. I desire to live my life to please you, for you are a Holy God. There is none like you. You are my daily bread. You give me life, you know what I need. I love You, Lord, may our prayers be a sweet fragrance before you and may the lifting of our hands be a pleasing sacrifice to you. Purify our hearts, oh God and may we life to bring you praise, amen!