Daily Bible CoverTo say this weeks reading is like watching a movie is understating an incredible supernatural visit to Daniel.  It's especially interesting to all of us who attended Central Assembly during my father's visits from two of the angels mentioned in this scripture, Gabriel and Michael. My dad shared with us that the power that emanated from Gabriel, because he  came directly from God's presence.  And like Daniel, he was strengthened and lifted up by Gabriel.

Then came the night when he walked into his living room and there towering above everything was the angel Michael.  Michael told him that God saw that the princes of darkness were trying to stop the messages that my father was sharing from the heart of God.  He said God had sent him to fight the battle for my Dad.

Dad wondered, shouldn't Michael be doing something?  And Michael that powerful warring angel told him, "The battle is already won!"  He took him over to the window where he saw many angels laughing and praising God.  The battle for that moment in time had been won.

Daniel was worried about the visions God had given him of the future to a point where he could hardly eat and actually mourned for three weeks. He prayed and fasted and then Gabriel appeared and Daniel fainted and all the people around him ran away even though they didn't see what Daniel saw.

Then Gabriel told Daniel that since the first day that you prayed, I have come in response to them, but the evil prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me.  Then Michael, one of the chief princes in God's kingdom came to help me.!

Back to this future, It blesses my heart so much to know that God is on the throne in our behalf, and the warriors of heaven are fighting on my behalf, and on the behalf of everyone of us against any powers of darkness that would try to keep our answers from getting through.

I am so excited as I read Daniel and the prophetic messages this book contains, it is like reading todays headlines.  We have powerful protection as we strive to serve God and bring the good news of the gospel to everyone around us.

We don't have to be afraid of our future, but we need to let every body know that the word of God is true and there is good news that God sent through His holy word to everyone.  No one needs to be afraid of what lies ahead because our God is with us!