Sunday Sermons

You're A Trigger - 4 WEEKS LEFT

Nov. 22, 2015 - Pastor Ted Continues the countdown to our final Sunday at our campus here at 12000 W. Fairview Ave. Don't miss any of these last four weeks of inspiring Vision casting as we prepare for a move 40 years in the making. Our last Sunday here will be our final Christmas Candlelight Service on Dec 20th. Make plans now to be there. 

Receiving the Promise - Ryan McClees

Aug. 23, 2015 - This week was a special week as we were able to have Ryan McClees sharing from God's Word one more time before his return to Northwest University for his Senior year. He challenged us with receiving the promises that God has given to us and walking in boldness and trust that God is for us and has prepared in advance things for us to do and be a part of. You will surely be inspired by his message this week.

Headlining With Jesus

Aug. 16, 2015 - Have you ever had the chance to headline with Jesus and passed it up? Only to realize you had missed the opportunity after the fact. Jesus is calling us to partner with him and to headline with him every day, and yet too often we miss our opportunities to be a people prepared to give an answer to others about the hope that we have in Him. Too often we miss the little miracles that God has prepared in advance for us to be a part of and miss the opportunity to headline with Jesus.  Pastor Ted's message this week is one that inspires us with the story of a little boy who, by simply sharing his lunch, got to headline with Jesus and be a part of the only miracle mentioned in all four gospels. Don' t miss this special message that could set the course of your day today and everyday. Don't miss your chance to headline with Jesus.


Looking For Discomfort - In a World Desperately Avoiding It

Aug. 9, 2015 - This week we took another step in our understanding of the question "What is the Gospel?" As followers of Christ we often look for the most comfortable option available to us but is that what lines up with scripture? The apostle Paul gives us some incredible insight into this very question and idea. The apostle Paul understood discomfort at a level that we will never understand. This weeks message is one that will be an extremely challenging one that you will not want to miss. If you were not able to listen to last weeks message we encourage you to check it out as well. This is part II and a wrap up to the message last week.

What is the Gospel?

We are about Jesus People and the Pursuit of Both (our vision statement) and we exist to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible (our purpose statement). These two things color all that we do. But to effectively fulfill them we have to understand two things. People are searching, open, hungry in hurting in this world but more specifically in our own community.  We have been given a hope and peace and joy that is almost incomprehensible in Jesus Christ and we have to be ready in season and out to give an answer to where that hope, peace, and joy lies. When we are prepared we will understand that when those whom God has given us influence over are asking why we are so calm in midst of crisis or why we seem to have such joyful attitude in all things, we will understand that what they are really asking is "What is the Gospel?" Will you know how to answer it?

Guest Preaching - Ryan McClees - Creation Moments

We had the privilege of having our very own Ryan McClees sharing from God's Word this last Sunday. He is home this summer from his time away at Northwest University studying for the ministry in which he will be a senior this next year. His message is one that will have you laughing and sitting on the edge of your seat as he shares about the creation moments in life.


Living the Miracle

We are living the Miracle. As we have been traversing the last three years as a church God as meticulously guided each step of the way. Pastor Ted shared in this weeks message about living in the middle of a miracle and how sometimes we fail to see it because we are so close to the reality of our situations. In the ups and downs of preparing for the sell of our property, the chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, the purchase of our new campus and every turn in the road along the way, God has been faithful and has provided in ways that only he could have dreamed up or put together.

Don't miss this incredible, inspirational message about not only our current situation as a church but about how our God works miracles all around us. Are you living the Miracle.


The Witness Stand

The Witness StandA great story told by a great storyteller draws us in every time. We are drawn to the eye witness accounts of the realities of our world, and are likely to believe someone who tells us about something that they were there for. Something that the experienced.  It is what makes the news work. Notice how every story is connected in some way to eye witness account. The power of eye witness is equally important in the court room. If there is eye witness testimony that is presented there is a much greater likelihood of a conviction or acquittal depending on the side the testimony lands.

In Johns Gospel we see this playing out as well. He is very concerned with testimony; especially the testimony that concerns Christ. This morning we looked at two very different stories from this gospel dealing with peoples choices regarding testimony. God called them to the witness stand.

Is He is calling you to the witness stand ?


Grafted - My NEW Family

Family Tree This week Pastor Ryan brought a BONUS message in the My Family Tree Series. Family is something that God is all about. He created it, He invites us to be a part of it, and he gave everything so that we could. It is through adoption that we all have been given the right to become Children of God.

It is in adoption that we not only LITERALLY become God's Child, but we also LEGALLY become his child. Maybe you did not have a very safe, loving or good home environment growing up. Family is something that you would rather not talk about. Then this message is FOR YOU, and it is a message of hope. Maybe you had a wonderful family situation as a child and family is something that you hold dear to your heart. Then this message is ALSO FOR YOU. As members of God's family we are challenged to live transformed lives that mark the transformation and regeneration that took place when we were born again; literally and legally becoming a child of God.

Pastor Ted was resting his broken foot this week and will be back next week to conclude his Series on The Family Tree, and we would ask you to keep him in your prayers as he is recovering. But we invite you to not miss this BONUS message. It will inspire you, give you hope, and challenge you in your journey with Christ.


boys to MEN

Family Tree Like trees, we can (if we are not careful) find ourselves rotting from the inside out. We begin to allow disease to spread unchecked and just as in the life of a tree, unchecked disease will destroy our FAMILY TREE in much the same way.

Pastor Ted tackles a very serious and difficult topic this Sunday that affects more families than we often want to admit. In fact by some estimates it affects anywhere between 60-80% of all families. Hear what God's word has to say about how you can keep your family tree healthy and strong.