Change My Song, Lord!

Daily Bible CoverHE IS GOOD AND HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER! It is the song that will change any atmosphere, melt any trial, shift any attitude. It’s the declaration that will shake the powers of hell. It’s the anthem that will bring heavy rain to the parched desert and awaken an army of the driest bones. It’s the response of the generation that seeks His face. It’s the song we sing before we’ve started the race and it continues in our hearts, springing out of our mouths even after we’ve crossed the finish line. May His praise continually be on our lips for He is good and His love endures forever!

We just read about a church service. We just saw a glimpse of what our every day lives should look like. We read about the glorious dedication of the temple where ALL of Israel came. It’s crazy how the presence and love of God can unite all of Israel. People from the north, south, east and west coming together with sacrifices and offerings that were too numerous to count or record. They came with no strings attached, bringing Him gifts and laying down their sacrifices because He is worthy! Because He is good and His love endures forever! I love how the people came together and just began to praise the Lord with one voice, with such a simple yet profound song. They sang before the cloud came. They sang before they saw Him do anything. Many of them were probably struggling financially, giving out of their lack, offering up words that came out of hopeless situations. But regardless of their circumstances and attitudes, God’s people came together and just began to praise Him out of grateful hearts that He was their God, a God that was with them, a God that is faithful and good... a God whose love knows no bounds!

It’s also the God we serve. Does this not give us a reason to praise Him today?

HE IS GOOD AND HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER! May this be our prayer and our song today! Many of us have sang the same song of depression and defeat too long. Does the Spirit that conquered death and the powers of hell live in us? Why is our song defeat? Why is hopelessness the anthem of the redeemed? Is our God not good and worthy of praise today?

I love how all of Israel sings and then the cloud comes and the priests can’t continue with their duties. Then when the fire comes down, the priests can’t even enter the temple and every person’s face hits the floor singing “HE IS GOOD AND HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER!” It’s the song they sang before they saw Him do anything and it’s song they sang when they see the fire come down from heaven.

Today the Lord wants to change our song. Nothing brings clarity in someone’s life like the presence of God. You may be hopeless but His presence gives hope. You may be bound but his presence brings freedom. You may be discouraged but His presence brings courage. What if we just worshiped Him today? What if we just got on our faces and sang of His goodness and rejoiced in His never ending love for us. May we delight in the one who delights in us and praise the one who is worthy of praise. May worship be more then a song, may we offer up our lives as living sacrifices that may be filled with His glory, His presence and fire! Everything changes when we exalt the Lord. He is worthy of ETERNAL PRAISE!!!!