Cheap-skates and Heart-takers

Daily Bible CoverThere is something so urgent that we have been called to. It's something that has a reward which is far greater then it's price. It's almost as if we walk away from the place we bought it and say, "Wow! I can't believe they were wanting to sell this for nothin'..." The price is so cheap in comparison to the value of the prize that many would say we stole it after they saw what it cost. Don't get me wrong, the price is steep in the beginning but cheap after our eyes have been opened to glory of what we have obtained. To some the reward is not worth its price because they don't see it's value... but to those who see it shining in the distance; they are not only willing to pay for it, they are willing to do whatever it takes to obtain it. Whatever it takes. It's a short statement that many have declared but few have been able to stand and say they've done. There are a few things that hinder and one is trying to maintain reputation. Another is the hardship, loss or pain that becomes before us as a gateway to the prize. Some would refer to that as a price they are not willing to pay, but to those who overcome by the blood of the Lamb and word of their testimony- they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to them. Our glorious reward.

The thing that is so urgent that we must be given...the thing that should be our drive, our reason and motivation is simply and plainly the heart of God. It's something we've been destined to carry and something that longs to beat inside of us. It's His heart that awakens us to walk in His ways and become His people. It's His heart that stirs in us as an all consuming fire- the desire to do "whatever it takes" for His purpose and for His people. His heart puts His disciples on display as men and women who are condemned to die for the sake of His cause. His heart within them can not be silenced by whips, it is not snuffed out by opposition, it can't be contained in a prison. His heart in us will unveil His perspective which makes the giants of worry and fear appear as locusts in the land He has given us.  Whatever it is that moves the heart of God should begin to shake in us as well until His compassion begins to take the reins in our lives as we arise as His people. His heart in us will awaken a warrior that will never be shaken- an army that will never be moved- a light that will never be hidden- His Kingdom that will never end.

Today we saw His heart beat within Paul and Silas. Delivering a girl from demonic possession, getting stripped and beaten for doing so and being chained in the innermost cell of a prison. Many would ask, "Was it really worth it?". "It was just one girl....and we don't even know if she's in a solid Bible-believing church now.... I bet she attends that 1st blasphemous church of Beelzebub on that highway to hell... Did anyone have her fill out a follow-up card? Was she baptized? She's probably out doing the same stuff she was doing...It was a waste of time and Paul and his buddy got beat and imprisoned for nothing..." Although we have a right to ask questions, I'm thankful that the compassion of God is given generously to all without finding fault. I'm glad that our God, who knows some might not thank Him or serve Him after their healing, restoration or miracle - and yet He still pours it out upon us BECAUSE HE IS GOOD AND HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER. The true miracle of Paul and Silas imprisonment wasn't that the prison walls were shaken while they were praising God. The true miracle was how walls of the Jailer and his family came down and they were set free as they were awakened to God's love for them.

I believe that if we were to ask Paul and Silas if those bruises and chains were worth the deliverance of 1 girl and an entire family, they would of responded with a unhesitating YES! Because the heart of God makes the price cheap in comparison to His glorious reward. A reward that isn't just reserved till death- it can be experienced today.

Jesus we ask that your heart would beat within us louder than before. May your compassion for your people stir within our hearts and cause us to be unshakable, unmovable and relentless towards the things You desire. Thank You Lord for the grace you have given and may that grace take root in our lives and bear tremendous fruit for all of those that you place around us. To God be the glory and may His light shine in us and through us! Amen