Close Enough

As I was reading today, I saw the intricacy of God’s planning.  As Moses was given instructions about how to put together all of those things that would be the focal point of worship for the Children of Israel, we see the interest by God in exquisite, precise details which were to be carefully followed.  These things that His people would be making and building were to be built with intentionality and with great care.  There was no room for sloppiness or taking a casual approach when it came to what God was asking of them.  I think in the time that we are living it is easy to get sloppy when it comes to our faith.  Sometimes we get so casual.  We find it easy to become so casual about the creator of the universe who desires relationship with us.  When it comes to following God, and living our lives out for Him, we can find ourselves using the words, “It’s close enough.”  It’s pretty close to what He is asking of me.  It looks a lot like what He wants.  It should do. Somehow those last few sentences don’t fit into these three chapters.  In fact what we see instead is the complete opposite of “it’s close enough.”  With God, everything is to be exactly as He says.  It is precise.  There is no wiggle room.  And the care and precision we read about when it came to the building of the tabernacle, directly applies to our walk with Him right now.

Have you become a little or even a lot loose in how you live and present your life to Him?  Maybe it’s time be a little more precise. Maybe it’s time to get rid of sloppy and close enough.

One last thing in regard to our reading.  Look with me at Exodus 25:

            Exodus 25:1-2  (NLT)

 The Lord said to Moses, “Tell the people of Israel to bring me their sacred offerings. Accept the contributions from all whose hearts are moved to offer them.

God didn’t force His people to be generous toward His work here on Earth.  The building of the tabernacle was such a privilege given to the Israelites.  Their giving for its construction was a voluntary act of worship.  It was because their hearts were moved, not because they were forced to do it.

In the same way we, today, have the opportunity to be generous or stingy with the work of God.  It is a part of our worship that we offer to Him our generosity.  As for me and my house, I want us to be a people whose hearts are easily moved by the offer of God to be generously involved in what He is doing here on Earth.