Consider others better than yourself

Daily Bible Cover Today is day 10 of 2013. In this new year I am convicted by the words of Paul in Philippians 2:3 "consider others better than yourselves". I've been giving these words much thought. What does this mean exactly? Paul is telling us to see great value in those around us.

We know how to take great care of our own needs, but Paul is telling us to place the needs of others above our own. To see others as having great value and worth, even more than that of your own. This is the very nature of God. In today's scripture reading(Genesis 23:14-25:4) I am so impressed with Rebekah. She personifies kindness. When Abraham's servant asks her to share her water, she gives him water and offers to make multiple trips to the well until his 10 camels have been properly hydrated. Rebecca sees a need and she helps to the fullness of her ability. She goes awesomely above and beyond what was requested of her. Rebecca was a New Testament woman living in Old Testament times. Rebecca's philosophy was not to do the bare minimum. It was to be excessive in generousity. You can see that she saw others as valuable. She had a heart that was willing to care for others. What an inspiring young lady. Rebecca's character leads her to a path of incredible blessing.

I find itinteresting that Abraham's servant, asks God to reveal to him Isaac's wife through a demonstration of incredible kindness. Abraham's servant could have easily spotted a wife with outward beauty, but he was searching for a wife for Isaac that would possess both outward and inward beauty. And all the men said, thank you for beautiful wives, Oh Lord.

One last thought, how about the incredible honor that Abraham's servant has been entrusted with. He has been entrusted with the assignment of selecting a wife for Abraham's son. This is an enormous responsibility. And obviously Abraham has full confidence in him. Although his name is not mentioned, he is Abraham's senior servant and the one who is in charge of everything that Abraham owns. This speaks volumes of this servant's faithfulness. How much can God entrust me with? I hope to one day be as faithful to the Lord as this servant is to Abraham. Amen