Daddy's Home

Hey, guys, this is for you.  This past Sunday we spent some time looking at what happens in the home when little ones start showing up.  Your otherwise peaceful, everything in order home has become a living room with carpet bearing spots from spit-up and diapers that were just too full.  Your bedroom is the place where you just fell into the bed after having an exhausting day, and someone is calling for Mommy or Daddy.  Your car with the beautiful interior is littered with happy meal sacks, pop and milk stains on the seats and at least one or two dirty diapers crammed under the seat where they cannot be seen, only experienced. Something else has come into your home.  The word Daddy.  Guys, the first time your child actually says the word Daddy, prepare to melt.  It kind of helps make up for some of the other things that have come to your home.  As your little ones grow just a little older, their vocabulary will expand to the place where when the kids hear your car drive up, they will utter the words, "Daddy's  home."  The kids will learn to say it.  However, you will be the one to define what it means.  It can mean oh oh.  I hope he's in a good mood.  I hope he doesn't yell at me.  I wonder if he will pay any attention to me.  I better be careful not to get in his way or disturb him because he's probably tired.  Or it can mean something else.  It can mean oh boy, this is the favorite time of my day.  I wonder if he brought me a treat?  I can't wait to show him what I made at school.  I bet he can't wait to see me.  Or, everything will be alright now.

You only have those little ones for a short time.  Make sure you're the Daddy that they can't wait to see.

This week on Sunday...Family Miracles--Restoring Hope and Love in the Home.

Pastor Ted