Dating for Dummies

I remember when a series of books started appearing with the titles, Computers for Dummies, or Windows for Dummies, get the point.  At first I thought those titles were a little offensive.  Who likes to be called a dummy?  In reality those titles were saying we are going to take something that could be complicated, and put it into terms that were simple and able to be understood by anyone.  This last Sunday I shared a list that I got from my wife that could be entitled Dating for Dummies.  Actually what it really is is a set of simple instructions that can help you keep dating in the safe "Getting to Know You" mode. So here it is in all of its simplistic beauty and wisdom:                     -  Don't pull up

                    -  Don't pull down

                    -  Don't unzip

                    -  Don't unbutton

                    -  Don't lay down

                    -  Keep your tongue in your mouth

                    -  Don't touch anything that sticks out

To those of you who are single or single again, if you can follow these simple instructions in your dating life, your life will be much less complicated, you will be able to learn much more about your date, and you will be able to honor God in your relationships.  Probably the title of that list should be Dating for Astute, Wise, and Forward-thinking People.

I hope you can be at church on Sunday.  In our second installment of Modern Family-Redefined, we are going to be looking at the marriage relationship.  The service is titled Happily Ever After and deals with the question, is it possible for two people to fall in love and stay in love.  I hope to see you there.

Pastor Ted