Despite The Times, Has Much Changed?

Daily Bible CoverIt's been an interesting transition this week as we've left the heavy details of Joseph's reign and entered into the less detailed early life of Moses; a reluctant, and self-conscience nobody chosen to free a nation and unleash the power of God. Today's passage was interesting on so many levels. Let's review:

  • God chooses to take the Isrealites on a longer of two paths out of Egypt. (Ex. 13:17)
  • The Lord prepares the road ahead at all times. (Ex. 13:21-22)
  • Despite the plagues that have devistated his land and people, Pharaoh still pursues the ensalvement of the Isrealites. (Ex. 14:5-9)
  • Despite the miracelous wonders they have witnessed and the promises of God fullfilled, all trust is lost the moment the Isrealites see they are being pursued by the Egyptians. (Ex. 14:10-14)
  • It took yet another miraculous event (the parting of the sea) to make the Isrealites fear God and put their trust in Him and Moses. (Ex. 14:30-31)
  • The first worship song ever recorded (how cool is this for us worship buffs?) is sung to a powerful God.

I read this passage and just scratched my head at how dumb everyone was acting. But then I started to think about how reflective everyone's actions are to our lives today. Are we really any wiser? Think about what hasn't changed in the centuries since this time.

    • God, more often than not, will take us on the longer path simply to show us things along the way that prove His majesty and master plan.
    • The Lord still goes before us.
    • Despite constant defeat, the enemy will always get back up, reorganize, and pursue God's people.
    • When attacked, our defenses typically go up before we even consider resting in God's arms.
    • Despite an entire book packed with miracles, we still doubt, we still question and we still lack a proper fear of God. And when we finally attain it, for how long do we keep it? We are a fickle people in need of His daily grace.
    • We still write songs and praise our God to this day. Worship is embedded and will always be a proper response to His grandness.

I wonder how people can be so dumb in the middle of all these amazing and miraculous events...yet tomorrow, I'll barely acknowledge His presence. There's my challenge for myself to not let happen. The God we serve today, is the same as yesterday. I should respect that, honor that, fear that and remember that. I should know there is am enemy waiting to pounce at my weekest moments. And I should always have a song of praise at the ready when He delivers me on the matter how long that path has been.