Daily Bible CoverHave any of you been in a spot where you were totally at the end of your resources?  Alan and I have.  I remember when the Lord spoke to our hearts about going around the country continuing to share the wonderful eternal truths from my father's visitation from heaven. We were on the road to our next service with only one quarter left in our pockets.  We had no money for food or gas until we received an offering from our meeting.  Then when we arrived at the church where I would be speaking, the pastor had heard it was our anniversary, and reserved a beautiful hotel room for us.  He said to use the room service and that they would be picking us up and taking us to the service.

Thus the gas and food problem was solved and we knew it was straight from God's storehouse in heaven.  Isn't that just like the Lord.  At that same time our car completely gave up the ghost, and once again, the Lord provided.

A young man was so touched by the message of how much God loves us as individuals, and how important we are to God, how He doesn't record our failures in heaven, he felt God speak to his heart about helping pay for the repairs to our car.  He asked his parents if he could give the money he was saving, and they felt that they should give him permission.

When the young man came to us with a check, it was for more than the amount of the repairs for our car, which we hadn't shared with anyone.  It was really hard for us to take his money, but he and his parents really felt the Lord had initiated this to their son's heart.  Wow, what wonderful provision for the trouble we were experiencing.

Of course this small trouble pales next to the incredible troubles and sorrow and affliction of Job.  The terrible pain and suffering he experienced through this time of trouble.  But my commentary says about Job in verse 7 and 8.  "In contrast to his friends, Job had spoken of God what is right.  Unlike the friends, Job had recanted his false belief, repented of his pride, and confirmed God's unconditional sovereignty over his life.  Job had been right in maintaining his innocence in the face of his friends false accusations." 

Now we come to the end of Job where God honors Job by restoring everything.  My commentary says that Israelite law required a thief to restore double for stealing.  It was ironic that the Lord gave Job twice the amount of livestock he had before.  Clearly the Lord  was not admitting that He owed Job anything, but He was expressing His benevolent mercy.

The restored property of Job should not be seen as compensation for piety.  After Job had given up his demand for his former prosperity,  the Lord could give it to him as a free gift.  And this is just what God does for His kids continually.

He gives us what we don't earn, don't even deserve, just because He loves every one of us so much.  What a wonder to be loved and cared for by the Creator of the Universe, no matter how small and unworthy we feel.

So we have to stop feeling small and unworthy, cause the King of the Universe reached to each one of us as individuals and put His own life and power in these broken and cracked vessels.  Because we are of eternal precious value to Him!