Daily Bible CoverIn this blog we are talking about Solomon beginning to build the tabernacle for God to meet with His people.  We have been studying building the tabernacle in our Tuesday and Wednesday Bible study groups and it has been so interesting. First of all the children of Israel were arranged around the tabernacle by tribes by God's instruction to Moses.  When they were arranged in His marching order it formed a cross as they marched across the desert.  When God looked down from heaven, He saw His Divine plan in action.

God ordered two cherubim made of gold hammered into shape at the two ends of the mercy seat which was placed on top of the ark in the Holy of Holies which was behind the veil.  It was a place where the High Priest could only go once a year to make an atonement sacrifice for the people.

This was the echo of Eden, the reminder that two cherubim with flaming swords were placed at the entrance to Eden to keep man from coming back in to the garden and mankind was barred from fellowshiping with God one on one until the Lion of Judah came and by His sacrifice on the cross ripped the veil that separated individuals from coming directly in the presence of God through Jesus and the blood that He shed on Calvary.

We are so blessed that we can worship Him in spirit and in truth 24 hours a day.  He desires that we do this.  Because He loves to hear from His kids.

Let's plan to commune with Him every day, thanking Him for what He did to make this possible.

To get the Holy of Holies, the priest had to go through the tribe of Judah, through the Eastern gate to get the Holy of Holies.  Of course Christ is the Lion of Judah who came through David's line, just as the prophets prophesied that it would happen.

Our path is clear to His presence.

Remember that on Tuesday,May 21, and Tuesday, May 28, Heart to Heart ladies need to come to the Bible at 9:00 so we can do two lessons and finish.  The Wednesday crowd  needs to come at 6:00 on May 22 and 29.