Daily Bible CoverThe Bible talks so much about what speaking life instead of death into situations.  Proverbs speaks to us of words being choice silver.  In another verse it speaks of a ruling rightly given is like apples of gold in settings of silver.  To me that's a mouthful and a wow! I remember all of us kids in the Buck family being admonished and encouraged by our parents when we spoke about someone.  They encouraged us to judge what we said about people with three things.  Is it kind?  Is it true? and most important of all Is it Necessary.  So anything we said we always thought...yes it's true...but the next one was a it's kind...but here's the stopper for anything juicy coming out of my mouth...Is it necessary?  Boy did that take the fun out because of course most of the time it wasn't necessary to say at all.

Of  course all of us were raised I'm sure with this one, from Disney's Bambi..."If you can't say somethin' nice....Don't say nothin' at all".  This one was wisdom from the little rabbit named Thumper.

I love the fact that the words we speak can bring healing, and a wholesome tongue is the tree of life.  In my commentary it says the tree of life is taking us back to Eden.  Where as hurtful  words break the spirit taking us back to expulsion from the Garden.

With our words we worship God and with our words we bring people to salvation by the power of the Holy Spirit.  And that makes what we say eternal in people's lives.

In our prayers as we speak them out of our hearts to our Father God, we need to remember how thin the veil is to eternity.  God is on the other side of this very thin veil and action takes place in the spirit world every time a righteous person prays.  We can shake the heavenlies with our praise and with our petitions.

Our words are like Gold to the Father's heart.  And that blesses me to know.  I hope it blesses you too.  Our Sunday School class is taking the 21 day challenge to find a spot to stop everything and pray for 21 days and keep track of the answers to our prayers.  I urge you to join us in this prayer challenge.