F.alse E.vidence A.apearing R.eal - FEAR

This powerful message from Pastor Ted could be the encouragement that you need today. All of us find our selves facing fearful situations in our lives every day. We revert back to those childhood days when we "knew without a doubt" that there was a bear in our room or a monster in the closet. Now that we are older the bears and monsters in our lives are finances, family, work situations, relationships. But we have to remember that so often the fear that we have has been placed there because of the false evidence we have conjured up in our minds.  Just like finding out that the bear when we were a kid, was simply our pet dog breathing heavily in the corner of the room we find out that the reality of the situations we face often are not what we made them out to be.

God has not called us to live our lives in a spirit of fear but with confidence.  We have been given the Holy Spirit and been clothed with power from on high.  Just as David ran to the battle lines to face Goliath we to can run to the battle lines of the giants we are facing because it is not in our strength that the giants in our lives are taken care of but in the power of our God who goes before us and promises to never leave our side.


My Next Step Today Is:

I will memorize Romans 8:28.

I will not allow fear based thought to take over in my life.

I will live by faith, that is Gods declaration and promises not yet visible.

I will invite at least one person to church next Sunday.

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