Father Knows Best

Imagine this, you are set apart, called by, and directed by God for a life of ministry....and you will not have a single convert or single person swayed by your message. Pretty depressing sounding, isn't it?  But for Jeremiah, this was the calling that God had given him. This morning Pastor Ted shared about the fact that sometimes it isn't about the results we think should be taking place but instead about one question and one question alone... DO WE HAVE THE HEART OF GOD?

Jeremiah had the heart of God. Even in the face of danger and possible death he had a confidence in the fact that God was in control and that God had a plan. Pastor Ted shared of several other people, who likewise had the heart of God, from our own time. People who heard from God, trusted God and followed in the calling that he placed on their lives.

Pastor Ted read the story of Jay Tucker, missionary to the Congo. It is a story that you will not soon forget and it is an excellent example of the fact that God is not into random and no matter how bleak the situation looks God is still there. But are we willing to trust him, and to allow our hearts to be stamped with, impressed upon, changed and reflective, of what God's heart is?

Jeremiah 26