Daily Bible CoverThe portion of scripture this week was like riding a roller coaster because everywhere you read were miracles and reminders of how magnificent and incredible is our God!  With the Fourth of July coming up next month I thought about this most AWESOME display ever recorded in history! Imagine this huge panarama as 450 prophets of Baal marched front and center plus all the people of Israel that could get there and then one fierce prophet of God.  Just imagine the scene as Elijah shouted out to the crowd, "How long will you waver between two opinions?  If the Lord  is God, follow Him; but if Baal is God, follow him."  And in that big valley, after all that God had done for Israel it was silent. The people said nothing!

But when Elijah said to them, let the God who answers by fire be god, the people said this is a good idea.   First the prophets of Baal did their thing calling on Baal, cutting themselves, dancing around the altar they had made.  What a scene, with Elijah taunting them.  In my commentary he even suggested that Baal had gone to the celestial men's room.

After all day, Elijah called the people to him.  He repaired the altar of God because he wanted to avoid any contact with Baal's altar.  In taking 12 stones representing the 12 tribes was a reminder that God had not forgotten Israel.

When Elijah had them pour water on the sacrifice three times, it represented the power of the trinity and also God's power over the elements, fire, water, rain.  Then Elijah prayed for three things, for God to demonstrate clearly that He alone is the living God, and then for the full revival of God's people, and then for rain.

God answered in such an incredible fireworks display that consumed everything down to the dust.  THE FIRE FELL!  May it fall on us today taking away everything in our lives that is not for God and changing us and making us more like Him.