Daily Bible Cover"Daddy, my  heart is broken," I told my father at age 9.  "The little boy in my class that I really like is moving away, and I'll never see him again!", I sobbed.  My dad put his arm around me, comforting me.  "What can I do to help you feel better, honey?", he asked.  "Daddy, I know where he lives, could we drive by his house so I can see him one more time?", I asked.  Some dads might have laughed at me, and told me I was silly, but not my dad.    We got in the car and drove by the little boy's house one more time. He did take the opportunity to tell me the story of his friend, who fell in love and the young lady didn't return how he felt so he cried and cried and finally died of a broken heart.  This made me laugh, knowing he was telling me a tall tail.

This past Sunday was Father's day, and my brother, Pastor Ted shared a little about our dad.  And he treated all of us as kids with such love and tenderness for each of our personalities.

This week we have been reading about our Father God who is so saddened by His special children who have walked away from him.  In our reading about Hosea, we see how He gave a special example by having Hosea marry an unfaithful wife and then even after she was unfaithful to him and had several children with other lovers, he was to take her back.

This is how the Message Bible puts it, "And now here is what I'm going to do:  I'm going to start all over again.  I'm taking her back out into the wilderness where we had our first date, and I'll court her.  I'll give her bouquets of roses.  I'll turn Heartbreak Valley into Acres of Hope!

So this week as we are reading about Father's God's anger, but also such sadness because His chosen people will not listen to Him and obey Him.  We know that as we turn the pages of our reading, we'll come to the place where God again courts His people with tender love.

He brings beautiful roses into their lives and turns their sorrows into a door of Hope.  This is just what  Papa God does for all of us.  Just like my dad took me to see the little boy one more time, and comforted my young broken heart and dried my tears.  He does the same thing for each one of us.

For eight years, in our Heart to Heart, I've shared the Father Heart of God with the ladies in original Bible studies I wrote for each week.  About a year and ago, the Lord spoke to my heart telling me He wanted to breath FRESH FIRE from heaven as I write based on the eternal truths that he gave to my father through the special time of visitation.

I have been enjoying facilitating the studies for Beth Moore, and I did not respond to the Lord.  But He kept bringing it to my mind.  Finally at one of our Sunday night prayer times, pastro Marv began to pray and asked God to help all of us there to respond  to anything God had put in our hearts to do.  And as he prayed, my heart began to beat so fast and I felt the Divine Electricity from Heaven hit me like it has so many times before.  So I said a big "YES, YES LORD!"  I know that all of you know the peace that passes understanding that happens when we say yes to what God wants us to do.

So this fall, I will be starting FRESH FIRE FROM THE FATHER'S HEART!  We'll be renting out cameras from our t.v. station, and taping it live in the Chapel.  Would you start praying with me.  I know that this 10 week Bible Study will be powerful and healing and bring people to Salvation.  If you have friends who don't know Jesus, plan to bring them.  I have seen so much healing of broken hearts, and healing from abuse, physical and mental, as I have shared these eternal truths all over the nation, Japan and Hawaii and Guatamala, in the past.  This will be a  FRESH START AND A POWERFULL NEW ANNOINTING ON THESE ETERNAL TRUTHS.

Thank you for reading and for praying and may the tenderness of our precious Father God envelop your lives.