Fresh Start pt. 1 - Go to Nineveh

Pastor Ted is back and delivers an engaging message with his wife Linda on the principles of going to Nineveh. Often we take the long road when God has given us the direct route to take instead. As we look to make a fresh start this year we need to look for the areas in our life where we can be more obedient and live our lives in the light of God's word. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and he decided that going to Joppa was better. As a result peoples lives were put in peril he ended up in the belly of a fish and took a major detour with extra stress and strife that could have all been avoided if he had simply done what God had asked of him to begin with. We do this very thing when we put aside the word of God and make decisions in our own wisdom and in light of what we want in the moment and not what God has asked of us. If we are to make a fresh start in 2011 we have to begin that journey with a mindset of obedience. We need to look to God as our guide and trust in what he has said.