Genealogy is a Big Word

Daily Bible CoverI remember being a young lass in Sunday School and learning about the "Bible Basics." If you attended Sunday School as a child you probably remember too.  "Jesus loves me this I know"  and "It was Noah that built the ark! People thought he was carazy!" Haha! The truth is these foundational truths really shaped a lot of what we know today, right? For me, being so young and having to go through genealogies was kind of hard.  I honestly remember thinking that information was not vital.  Why do I need to know that this person was that persons son who had this mother? In fact, when we set out on this journey to read the Bible in 365 days, I realized I would have to face reading the list of genealogies once again.  And you know what? It was not so bad! So here we are today, and our reading is about the genealogy of Jesus!

You know what is really cool this time around? Is that I actually know the names and people! Due to the fact that we read about these characters, the names are no longer just names, but I know the stories behind their names.  I also see that nothing that we read in the Bible is wasted words.  Everything has been placed in HIS word for a PURPOSE. God so majestically scripted a purposeful lineage of family.  The genealogy of Jesus, the Messiah, is filled with people who God choose in their time to be a part of a bigger story. The Saviour was to be birthed through them!

So today as you read or reflect be reminded that God is a God filled with divine orchestration.  He does not do anything in vain! Our birth, our life, even our lineage was not random, but on purpose for a purpose.  In the very same way that God set up the genealogy of Jesus, so He sets ours!