Don't Skip the Genealogies....

Daily Bible CoverToday's reading could be seen as a difficult one because it is so genealogy heavy. Sometimes it is hard to find out what we are to take away from the records of peoples family lines. But none the less, I hope that you will find encouragement in todays reading and see that every part of God's Word is inspired, intentional, and serves a purpose; pointing us to a greater understanding of God. Realize that the purpose of Bible Study as never been to know the text better, it has always been to know God better. And my prayer is that this year you will know God in a deeper more intimate way than you ever have before. The two things that keep hitting me as I read todays reading was the importance of generational record in scripture and the importance of passing on our faith to future generations.  It is really easy to miss some of the significance of the generational lists we see and read in Scripture. The temptation is to skim them, skip them, or pretend that we are reading them to check the box off that we "read" it but mentally we are checked out as we read how "so in so had ten kids, lived to be 500 years old and"

But today I want you to think about some of what the editors bring to light in the grey shaded boxes.  On page 21 there is a great outline of how close in proximity Abraham was to Adam because of the longevity of those early humans.  With men living to be hundreds of years old Abraham was not that far removed. The passing on of our faith and the truth of who God is was just as important then as it is now. If we fail, as we read that they sometimes failed, at this single task the generation behind us is further set up for failure.

For many, the Old Testament is summed up in the "Shema" over in Deuteronomy 6. There was such importance and value placed on understanding where they had come from but also on making sure that the truth of who God is, was passed on to the next generation so that they would now forget the ways of the Lord.

The other thing that I find to be so fascinating and inspiring is the fact that it is through these generational records that we can trace the lineage of Christ back to not only David but to the beginning of time.  In Luke's Gospel it is from these records and ones similar too them in other places in scripture that Luke is able to point to the fact that Christ was indeed a descendant of David, Abraham, and Adam which shows that he is truly the Son of Man and that his death was for all mankind.

Genealogy's are so much more important than fun to read, I will give you that, but take time today to thank God for the fact that he was detailed enough and meticulous enough to inspire the writers of Scripture to include them so that we could have further proof of who Christ is and the prophecies that He fulfilled.

I hope that you are encouraged this week as we have started this new Journey into God's Word for 2013. Don't give up, there are many more treasures to uncover in the coming days, weeks and months as we continue to press into this most amazing book. I look forward to starting each weekend off with you all in 2013. See you next Friday.