Daily Bible CoverAs I was reading this portion of scripture Psalms 24 I was struck by one sentence, Such is the generation of those who seek Him."  Since Central Assembly's motto is that this a church for the generations, I looked this up in my Thompson NKJV Study Bible. This Bible was given to me by the late Gladys Shelton, who totally believed in Generations and for years in the church and school library blessed people of all ages.

Not only does the Psalm describe David's pain and prophetically Jesus' suffering on the cross, It also depicts God's deliverance.  The Lord has answered  and David who has suffered so much promises to sing the praises of the Lord his  Deliverer to the ends of the earth.

These words refer to the spread of the news of his deliverence to places far outside Judah.  For the Savior Jesus these words speak of the eventual spread if the gospel of redemption to all the families of the nations, a fulfillment of God's promise that He would bless all nations through Abraham's descendants.

To the generations who will be born, the gospel message of the death and resurrection of Jesus will spread not  only geographically, but also throughout all time.  All people will hear the clear message of what God has done.

This brings us to Central Assembly and the our generations motto. It is so fun to minister with all of the ages of people at Central Assembly as we all join together to plan and purpose how to bring more people of all ages into the kingdom.

What a blessing it is to serve with Pastor Ryan, Pastor Nate, and Pastor Marv and Pastor Celeste,  Pastor Al and Pastor Helen under the leadership of Pastor Ted.  There is so much joy and also passion in working together for our common goal with everyone in this body of Christ.  To bring Christ to every one we can in any way we can.

Go Team!