Gilligan, Broncos and Jerusalem

Daily Bible CoverHOPE. It's hard to keep going without it. Life without hope is dark, dim and depressing.  There would be no point in dreaming if your hope has been robbed. To dream without hope is like wanting to ride a bike without tires. FAITH. No one would ever start building a house if they knew it would never be finished.  People won't rush onto a plane they know will crash and burn. No! HOPE and FAITH are vital in our lives. Noah would've never built the Ark. Abraham would've settled with Ishmael. David would've ran back to the sheep while Goliath continued to defy the armies of the living God. The walls of Jericho would've never came down and Israel would still be camped around it. The Israelites would've turned back to Egypt after they saw the Red sea before them...We can go on and on. You know those are interesting thoughts and points but what about you and me? What do we do when we've hit a wall of opposition or a period of time where our progress seems to come to a standstill? What do we do when we've found ourselves stranded on an island of hopelessness with Gilligan and the Skipper? What once was a three hour tour has turned into a three year nightmare. Today, I can almost sense the excitement of the people rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. You know sometimes it's nice to just win one after you've been pummeled so bad. It's kinda like the joy/peace we felt watching the BSU vs. Tennessee Martin game after the depressing and never to be mentioned again, UW game... Anyways, back to today's reading, God's people are finally getting a win  rebuilding the temple when along comes Fresno...whoops I meant to say another disappointment - they are told they can't finish the restoration of the temple anymore. This has to be frustrating... I don't know about you but I was biting my nails when I was watching/reading the game/up stetting news for Jerusalem. A lot of people would've just packed up their foam finger and corn dog at this point, but after this moment of defeat and standstill - we see a remnant arise! Yes!!! There is a remnant that still believes. There is a people who refuse to take no for an answer. They are a people who shake off the bulldog and get back on the horse :) That just happened. We see two men, Haggai and Zechariah, who draw close to the Lord and allow Him to speak through them to change the atmosphere. Men whose hope isn't shattered by opposition, but rather fueled by it. Not only do they start rebuilding the wall but they have been given divine favor from God to complete it. It's crazy how passionate and unstoppable you become when you step into the divine favor God places on His sons and daughters.

I believe that God is in the "finishing what He starts business". His faithfulness feeds our hope and faith. Our hope, faith and trust is the vehicle and His faithfulness is the battery. Today the Lord want's to remind you of His faithfulness. He is able to finish what He starts. He's not intimidated by our unbelief or by the unbelief of the ones we're stranded on the island with. He's the one who will pull us through but we must hold onto Him.

Lord bless BSU and bless your people today. YOU ARE FAITHFUL, Amen!