God's Incredible Grace

Daily Bible CoverI am so excited to have the opportunity to read through the Bible with my church family and to share with you the light that exploded in my heart through the reading of pages one through six. The wonder and preciseness of the first days of creation are spectacular reading!  The way our great God formed each creature and put His stamp on them.  How He must have chuckled when He made the porcupine and the Anteater.

Then we come to the part where He formed Adam in His own likeness.  How He must have rejoiced as He breathed into Adam the breath of life.  The anticipation of the potential in His new formed being must have made Him smile.

And then the excitement of making a help mate for Adam and surprising Him with the creation of Eve must have made God's big heart thrill as God gave Adam the  very first gift ever given.

But now comes the part the blessed me so much.  God had give his two people run of the Garden.  And each evening Adam and Eve met with God and shared talked and walked together in beautiful trust and harmony.

And then it happened!  The ssslinky ssserpent that ruined everything.  You all know the story of the fruit Eve ate and then gave to Adam.  How their innocense was ruined by those bites.

Suddnly they were afraid to see the Father they had loved and enjoyed being with so much.  This is what blessed me so much.  Our great and majestic God showed His Father heart of mercy as He killed one of the animals He made, probably a lamb, and sewed garments with His own Hands, to cover His disobediant children.

Just what He did 2000 years later when He gave Jesus, His spotless lamb to the world to cover our sins with His blood and clothe us in His righteouness.

In my father' s book, "Angels On Assignment" chapter 8, "You Are Covered" says"Atonement actually means to cover.  In the Hebrew "kaphar", to cover, cancel; Greek, katallag, exchange, reconciliation.

What a God!  What a plan!  And it all started in Genesis.   When we are under the covering God sees holiness instead of sin.  Blamelessness instead of fault, and unreprovable (perfection) instead of failure.