God's Infallible Plan

Daily Bible CoverWe continue to discover the incredible plan that God has for Joseph in today's reading. It makes for some of the most exciting, rich material to date as we journey through the first book of the Bible and it is overflowing with application. Let's sum up where we're at with Joseph's story up to this point. First, Joseph is left for dead and then sold by his brothers into slavery. Joseph goes from bottom of the barrel, living in prison, to top of the food chain and ruler of Egypt appointed by Pharaoh...and all by the age of 30! He then reconnected with his brothers during a seven year famine, and launched an elaborate scheme that eventually brought his entire family together in Egypt.

How's that for a plan in motion?

One of my favorite things to hear in a testimony is how God writes His story through His people. There's always that moment of doubt. A hill to climb. A challenge to overcome. And those times rarely serve no purpose. They are just as part of His plan as any other moment in the timeline. Point A to B is riddled with curves, turns, ups and downs.

How often have we said to someone in a time of disarray or depression, "God knows the plan ahead. He will make this right." Of course He will. He has promised as much many times over in Scripture. But this promise is at the top of the "easier said than believed" file. It's really tough to see that you'll be the king's right hand man when you're suffering in the depths of prison.

I ended my message a few weeks ago with a challenge for movement. To be constantly part of the story that God is writing. We can't be part of that story if we're sitting there waiting for God to move in our lives. Because God will always win the waiting game. You aren't going to "out wait" God. So instead of waiting, just get up and DO. Find a place to serve. Find a place to just be, and before you know it, that desert that you assume your wandering in will turn into an amazing oasis overflowing with life.

One final thought. Bill Lurwick, a guy I work with, and I always say, "In His timing" at the end of most conversations. Why? Because we both know that God will do, what He wants to do, when He wants to do it. And the resulting plan is always...infallible.