God's Refrigerator

Daily Bible CoverIt’s easy to read through the parts of the Bible that are scheduled for yesterday and today, along with other days as well, without thinking to oneself, what a waste of time.  So and so was the father of somebody, and somebody was so and so’s kid.  Alright, already.  And by the way if I want to count myself as reading the entire Bible in chorological order, does it still count if I kind of skimmed over some of these parts? You’ll have to answer that last question yourself.  But if you just kind of flipped through these pages you would have missed reading about a man named Jabez.  You would have missed the beautiful prayer that we refer to as The Prayer of Jabez.  A minister wrote a whole book about that one prayer.  And it was a book that was life-changing to so many people.  I would have missed reading about Ulam and his sons who were brave warriors who could handle the bow.  They had many sons and grandsons—150 in all.  God put that in there for us to see and read.  I have to admit the part about 150 grandsons caught my attention.  I wonder how many granddaughters he had.

The point is that all of those people listed in those passages were known to God and were also loved by Him.  We think of mainly the people like Abraham, Moses, and even Nehemiah as being the ones who God was concerned with.  But these passages reveal to us God’s broad love for people who only once had their names mentioned in His Book.  He mentioned all those names because all of them and their children and their children’s children were of importance to Him.  They mattered to Him.  He loved them.  If not for these passages most of the names that we read (not skipped over) would have been lost in the dust of history.  But here we are, over two and one-half millenniums later and we are here in 2013 reading them.  Their names either aloud or in our minds are again being recited.  They were important because He made them to be important.

It’s the same with us.  We are important, we matter because we matter to Him.  If you are having a rough day today, just remember we, you and I along with all those people we read about, are not forgotten.  In fact probably one of the most vivid ways to understand who we are because of Him is you could say that our pictures are all on His refrigerator.