Grafted - My NEW Family

Family Tree This week Pastor Ryan brought a BONUS message in the My Family Tree Series. Family is something that God is all about. He created it, He invites us to be a part of it, and he gave everything so that we could. It is through adoption that we all have been given the right to become Children of God.

It is in adoption that we not only LITERALLY become God's Child, but we also LEGALLY become his child. Maybe you did not have a very safe, loving or good home environment growing up. Family is something that you would rather not talk about. Then this message is FOR YOU, and it is a message of hope. Maybe you had a wonderful family situation as a child and family is something that you hold dear to your heart. Then this message is ALSO FOR YOU. As members of God's family we are challenged to live transformed lives that mark the transformation and regeneration that took place when we were born again; literally and legally becoming a child of God.

Pastor Ted was resting his broken foot this week and will be back next week to conclude his Series on The Family Tree, and we would ask you to keep him in your prayers as he is recovering. But we invite you to not miss this BONUS message. It will inspire you, give you hope, and challenge you in your journey with Christ.