Growing the Fruit

As I looked over the Connection Cards from our Sunday morning service, I found myself getting more and more excited.  In Part 2 of Breaching the Natural we spent some time talking about gifts of the Spirit and fruit of the Spirit.  In filling out those cards, almost every one of them indicated that they were going to focus on one of the attributes of the Fruit of the Spirit and seek to cultivate it during the week.  It gets me excited because in committing to doing that, a group of our church family really gets what this fruit thing and what this gift thing is really all about.  When we focus on cultivating an attribute of the Fruit of the Spirit, we are cultivating who we are.  And to quote from Dr. George Wood who is the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God for the United States, "Probably 99% of knowing the will of God is being the person God wants you to be.  Because if you are that person, you  can go anywhere and do anything and you'll be guided by God and His will."  Are you still interested, concerned about who you are becoming.  Is it more important to you who you are than what you have done or want to do for HIm. You gave in the offering, but you are a stingy employer.  You volunteered in the nursery, but you are estranged from your own children.  You taught a lesson to children about Honor but you constantly badmouth your boss.  Simply put, God wants you to be.  Then he wants you to do.  Because if who you are is being changed by God's power, then what you do will be authentic and God-honoring.

I'll see you at the Harvest Blast on Saturday.