Happily Ever After: Building a Positive Future Together

This weeks sermon is part two of a four week sermon series titled "Modern Family: Redefined". Pastor Ted shares with us about building a positive future for our marriage relationships in the area of fences. Many times we put the fence to close the the edge of the cliff so that when we have moments where the fence gets crossed we fall in a big way. In contrast when we build our fences further back from the edge, stepping over means that we have the opportunity to step back with minimal to no damage at all. If you are looking for some fresh vision on how to build and maintain a strong and healthy marriage that is both biblical and yet practical, make sure to listen to this weeks recording of Happily Ever After: Building a Positive Future Together. (There were some problems with the recording at the beginning of the sermon. The recording you will hear is about 3 minutes into the sermon and starts in the middle of a video illustration of a couples marriage that ends up in affairs by both parties)