He wants it more than I do

Daily Bible Cover Everyday when the Lord is exalted, lifted up and seated on the throne is a great day to PRAISE! Today is a day of great VICTORY! Today is a day of unlimited JOY! Today is the Lord’s day!

We will only experience His freedom, joy and fullness in our lives if He is lifted up in our hearts! Today is His day, just give it to Him so that He can unleash His fullness into you!!

Everyday I read His word it just hits me upside the head and aligns me with His heart. Today we read in Exodus of the account where the Israelites, who were at that time God’s only chosen people, were in captivity as slaves of the Egyptians. Moses had heard God’s voice so clearly. It was undeniable what God wanted Moses and His people to do. But the second Moses began to walk in God’s plan and speak His words, nothing happened and the punishment grew worse. It got to the point where the people didn’t want God’s freedom.

Ex. 6:9“Moses reported this to the Israelites, but they did not listen to him because of their discouragement and cruel bondage.”

Instantly, because he was human like us, Moses started to doubt and question God’s perfect plan and desire for His people. Moses’ only hope was to trust in God’s word and God’s faithfulness, that He was able to accomplish the things He had spoken.

God’s desire for His people today is COMPLETE FREEDOM! He is not a God who would forget is promises. He is not a God that would tell you he will do something and then not do it. GOD WANTS YOUR FREEDOM MORE THEN YOU DO! God wants your healing more then you do. God believes in you more than you believe in Him!!!  Exodus 5-7 was full of people who didn’t want freedom, didn’t wan’t deliverance, didn’t have faith, whose hope was shattered, whose joy was robbed, whose spirits were crushed but God said LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!

Lord today I pray that we as Your people would trust in Your faithfulness. That we would trust in Your unfailing word. That we would stand upon Your unshakable foundation that is found in You and You alone. I pray that whoever is reading this will be filled with great COURAGE. That You would break off the chains of failure, sin and condemnation in the hearts of Your people! Let Your kingdom come into our lives and let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thank You for the JOY, FREEDOM and VICTORY that is ours today! We give it all to You in the name of Jesus, AMEN!!!