His Humble Servent

Pastor Ted took is one step further into the treasure that is Romans 12 this week. After highlighting 12:1 two weeks ago and 12:2 last week, we journeyed one step further as we unpacked Romans 12:3. Paul is building a message here one brick at a time and it is stunning when we begin to ponder what his words mean in relation to our lives and what God has called us to be as followers of Christ. If you have missed any of these incredible messages please take a moment this week to catch up on what you have missed out on. We hope you are encouraged by God's word this week and look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Romans 12:3

My Next Step Today Is:

-  I will memorize Romans 12:3.

-  I will, with God’s help, literally clothe myself with humility in the way I look at myself.

-  I will serve people who God brings across my path out of a humble spirit.

-  I will, as God opens the door, humbly speak to someone this week about Jesus.