His Way or the Highway

Daily Bible CoverAs I was reading today’s passage, I couldn’t help but think about last night’s The Bible miniseries.  You see last night the battle of Jericho was dramatized.  Interestingly God’s people won the battle and destroyed the city.  Every time I hear, see or read this story God starts out by promising His people that He will give them the city.  Every time His orders of marching around the city are followed.  And every time on the seventh day, on the seventh trip around the city, after the priests play  a long blast on their trumpets the walls of Jericho come tumbling down.  Since the walls were as thick as they were high, it wouldn’t be enough to simply push them over.  They would still be an obstacle.  What God did was He crushed them flat.  The Bible says every man was able to go straight in to the exposed city.  Picture the walls as elevator cars where God simply pushes the down button. For even more perspective on this I encourage you to take a look at my father’s book, Angels on Assignment, on pages 178 and 179.  My father was told by an angel that God told them to push the walls down flat.  Remember this.  This story is not just a story, the product of someone’s creative mind.  This is a true story about events that indeed did happen to real people just like you and me.

The saddest and most unfortunate part of this great story of God’s provision and power has to do with a man named Achan.  He deliberately disobeyed God and his disobedience caused God’s people to suffer an unnecessary defeat.

The bottom line lesson of this story for us is as follows:

  1. When you do what God wants you to do and you do it His way, the way that He tells you to do it, you will have the result that God intended.  You will be the recipient of a victory in your life courtesy of God’s power.  Think of it like this:                                                                                                                                                                                                          God's Plan  +  Your Obedience  =  Victorious Life                                                 .                                                                                                                                                .
  2. When you choose to do things your way, even just a little differently than how God said to do it, it will always usher some type of defeat or failure into your life.  You will not like the result.

It seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it, obedience to God and a victory or disobedience to God and a defeat.  Achan hid his disobedience in his tent somehow thinking that would make things okay.  We can do the same thing with hidden sins, hidden disobedience.  But it won’t stay hidden forever.  Right now could be a time for a little soul-searching.  Is there anything in my life right now that could be characterized as disobedience, or my way instead of His way?  I encourage you to ask God to expose to you anything that smacks of disobedience that may be tucked away somewhere in your life and today make the choice to go His way.