Holy Enchilada, Batman! Let's Go!

Daily Bible Cover I remember the times I would sit in church services and watch the Lord use mighty men and women, pastors and leaders. People of great wisdom, knowledge and anointing. When they prayed for people they were healed. When they sang or played their instruments, it seamed like heaven opened and a measure of His glory came and rested on us. I remember hearing about the ways God was currently using other Christians and reading in the word and seeing the things God enabled His people to do. Quickly, as if a mirror was thrusted in front of me, I began to compare myself with every other Christian. Am I doing something wrong? Was I not born in the right city? Do I need to change the way I pray? Do I need to jump higher in worship? Am I waving my hands at the right elevation during the praise time??? The more I compared the more discouraged, frustrated, irritated I became with everything I did and all along God was awaiting the day for me to see what He sees.

I don’t know about you but today’s reading brought me to a place of gratefulness. I was so glad that God’s presence isn’t contained in a box(even though we try to bring it back to that place). I was so glad that His presence is available to EVERYONE not just a select few(even though we think He can only use and only talks to the elect).

We read today about the great responsibility of the Levites. And I became fascinated with, once again, the order of God and the “teamwork” that it took for everyone to pack up the holy things and then carry them to the place the cloud of His presence would rest. It wasn’t a one man show. Everybody had a part and if one person was disobedient it would effect the whole enchilada or should I say “holy” enchilada...ba do tssh. (Thank you ladies and gentlemen I will be here bloggin’ every Wednesday @ 1:00pm)

God want’s you. HE WANT’S YOU!!! Your part must be played in His grand symphony. Your sound must be released. A quarterback needs somebody to throw to...and a receiver needs people to block for him as he treads through the valley of the shadow of death. God’s people must see what their “God-given purpose” is and everyday claim and walk in it whole-heartedly.

It was a cold day in Narnia and Father Christmas comes up to Susan, Peter and Lucy. He gives them gifts for the things they were to face ahead. Susan is given a bow and arrow and a horn that would bring help when sounded. Peter was given a magnificent sword and a shield that would do a lot of damage....but then it came time for Lucy and she was given a “juice box” and a small dagger. I know if I was Lucy I would’ve desired so strongly in the kindest way to chuck those gifts down the closest canyon, but little did she know that her “small gifts” would one day bring life to everyone at the battle with the white witch.

Haha I know life isn’t like the chronicles of Narnia. But God has given you a role, a part to play in the same way He gave the role to the Kohathites. WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU’VE BEEN ENTRUSTED? Will you be faithful in what He has given you today so that He will be able to entrust you with greater things tomorrow? His plans are to prosper you and give you great hope for your amazing future with Him. Be blessed today knowing that He has and will give you everything you need as you eagerly seek Him and walk in his ways!!! To Him be all the glory and Praise!