How's the Boss?

This past Sunday we started a three week series entitled Who's the Boss.  One of the things that we addressed was our response to our boss.  What we found out in the Bible was that God is very specific in how He wants those who identify with Him to respond to their bosses/employers.  The thing that I find interesting is that our response is not gauged by what our boss is like, it is gauged by what God is like.  We are supposed to be as diligent, as hard working, as respectful to our boss as if we were working directly for God Himself.  Recently someone let me know that the problem at work was their boss.  He would continually put roadblocks in the way of the workers that were working for him.  It was apparently a difficult place to work.  In spite of that environment, as long as you are working for this person, you are responsible to work as hard for them as you would work for God Himself.

It appears from the Scripture that God wants us to honor and respect our bosses.  Now obviously God does not want us to compromise our honesty or morality.  But apart from these issues we have a mandate.

In light of all of this, the question that I would ask you in the middle of the week is this, "How's the boss?"  How is your boss doing?  Has his week been harder or easier because of you?  In what ways have you been able to honor him this past week?  Have you thanked him for the job you have?  Have you either offered to do or just gone ahead and done things at your work that needed to be done without being asked?  Has he or she been surprised by you and the things that you have done that needed to be done even though maybe it wasn't what you would find in a traditional job description?  Are there things that you have taken care of that would make your boss wish everybody else that works with you would work like you do?

To put it simply, the Bible says that when we are this kind of employee, we bring glory to God.  It makes God pleased with us.  So back to my first question, "How's your boss?

We'll talk some more on Sunday.