I just can't wait to be King

Daily Bible CoverIf we look into ancient history we remember the profound words of an up and coming leader... The words of which gripped humanity, the song of which triumphed from the plains of east Africa to the hills of California, the declaration which shook the foundations of pride rock. The prince steps boldly out onto his future kingdom filled with hippos, giraffes and gazelles proclaiming "Oh, I just can't wait to be King!". I don't know about you, but I would never want to take the place of "King of Israel" after THE LORD. Similarly comparing, yet not even close haha, Simba stands as a little lion cub pridefully declaring that he can do the job better then his father Mufasa.

Is it crazy to anyone else that the Lord would permit a king? I'm surprised He didn't just finish them off right there, but the Lord is full of compassion and mercy. He cares about every desire of His people. In a sense He is kinda of like Mufasa who takes a step behind His son and "joins" in with a stunning harmony, desiring for his son to follow in his footsteps.

This is not to say that the king would (or could) replace the Lord, for no one can take the place of God as the Supreme Authority, the author and perfect or our faith, who is before all things and in Him holds all things together. NO! God knows Israel's king could not take that place but the Lord desires the day that we would become like Him and claim our royal place and God-given authority as the sons and daughters of the Most High.

He can't wait for us to be king haha that sounds lame, but he can't wait for us to arise as His royal sons and daughters. We don't need to hold our heads down, because He has handpicked us the way he wanted to handpick Israel's King. We have been selected for such a time as this to take spiritual dominion and authority over the "power" of hell by the POWER of Jesus. That we would "rule" with humility and selflessness, just as He does. Not living to draw men to ourselves but to point them to Him.

Thank you Lord that you are calling us to be like you. Would we be clothed with humility and compassion for your people as we take our God-given authority as the royal sons and daughters of God. Thank you for choosing us! Thank you for trusting us with your Holy Spirit and your word. We love you Lord, amen!