Image Bearers

This last Sunday was Fathers Day and we had a wonderful service where we were able to honor the fathers and grandfathers in our congregation. Pastor Ryan shared a word that encouraged us, whether we are fathers or not, to be looking for opportunities to pass on to the next generation the truths of God's word and the Truth of who he is. If we don't, how can we expect them to know the ways of the Lord and who he his. Are you someone who shares wisdom, teaches character, and models conviction? Each of us bears the image of God but the question is, are the children and young adults coming behind us seeing that evidence in our lives? Image Bearers


My Next Step

I will memorize Ephesians 4:23-24

I will begin praying for God to open opportunity for me to share wisdom, teach character and model convictions with the next generation.

As a parent I will share wisdom, teach character, and model convictions to my children

Because of eternity, I will invite invite someone to come to church with me next week.