Interrupting The Harvest

This last Sunday Pastor Ted Buck started our year long sermon series from the most amazing book ever penned, the Bible. As a church body we have undertaken a journey that will take us through the Bible chronologically in 365 daily readings, and each Sunday we will be looking at greater detail something from the previous weeks readings. We are at the beginning of what is sure to be an amazing year of engaging with the Bible in a fresh and new way while connecting on a deeper level with God and those around us as we let His words wash over us each and every day. Pastor Ted began this series by looking at the life of Abraham and the Character and power of God. There are several laws that most people will not dispute, the law of gravity for instance, but there is one law that most would agree holds true and yet God being outside of time and space can alter them at any time.

The law of reaping and sowing is one that most would agree is tried and true. We are often reminded that we will reap what we sow.  But we see Abraham, this mighty giant of faith, not once but twice sowing seed that doesn't harvest like we would expect it to. He misrepresents (lies) about who is wife is and in the end God blesses him in spite of it. God supernaturally comes in and interrupts the harvest. Listen to the rest of this powerful message about how God is a God of grace and that he is more than able to interrupt the harvest in your life. Be encouraged this week as you listen to this potentially life changing message.

Interrupting The Harvest

My Next Steps

1.  I will seek to memorize Romans 5:10

2.  In 2013 I am determined to trust God to interrupt the harvest of my poor choices and decisions.

3.  My past will not set the course of my future. God's hand and plan in my life will determine my future.

4.  Because of eternity, I will engage someone this week and invite them to church.