It Is A New Day At Central Assembly!

We’ve started! On Father’s Day we started our one year countdown. You see we have been considering relocating our ministry campus for some time now. Last week we signed the papers and sold our present campus. The closing date has been set for June 15, 2015 and are we ever excited. Some might ask, “What does that mean, what’s going to happen?” That fact is that we have not sold the church (spell that people). We have not sold Operation Love Center, a wonderful place to get help with food, clothing and prayer. We have not sold Maranatha School and Preschool. Nor have we sold any of the dynamic ministries of Central. What we have done is sell all of our present ministry campus with the exception of Operation Love Center which will continue in ministry, only now it will be debt free. After the closing next year, we will not be operating any of our ministries on the present campus.

We will however be operating all of the ministries that cause us to love this church but in a new place. Where is that new place? We do not have that locked down at this point. But with the present campus now having been sold, we have the freedom to explore all of the options out there that are appealing to us. So that is where our congregation comes in. We need to have you on the lookout either for an office building or warehouse that would be a wonderful prospect for us to renovate and customize for ministry, or a plot of land that would provide us with a new base of operation.

Wait till you hear the best part. The way we will be operating from this day forward will be as a debt free ministry. You see, the sale of the old campus will pay off any debt that we have and at the same time provide us seed money for our new beginning as a free and clear ministry. The words borrow, debt, mortgage, and bridge loan will never apply to us again.

We will be updating this letter periodically, so be sure to check back. Exciting times of debt free ministry are about to become a reality for our wonderful church family.

Lord, thank you for the wonderful campus that we have been seeking to operate as you led us by your Holy Spirit. We can’t wait for the Promised Land that you have prepared for us where any vestige of debt will be vanquished.