It's the Gospel

In the beginning, the earth was formless, empty and full of darkness...but it never intimidated God as His Spirit drew near to hover over it. As He looked into the eyes of our hopeless reality, He didn't turn away. He wasn't baffled by our darkness, our emptiness and lack as a mere word from His heart illuminates the atmosphere with Hope. Years later, God looks upon the earth as it clothed itself with darkness. Seeing His creation embracing emptiness and bound by it's vices, He speaks forth His word again to bring light to all mankind. His word becomes flesh and lived among us, bringing hope to all mankind, setting captives free, proclaiming liberty to the masses...not through a formula, a set of rules leading to man's redemption, but only by His word, THE WORD, that still has power and is THE ONLY POWER to illuminate and bring our reality to His reality. IT'S THE GOSPEL

Today we encounter HOPELESS situations. We see a boat caught in a furious deadly storm. We see a man filled with enough demons to possess an entire heard of pigs. We see a 12 year old girl who is on the brink of death, lying upon her death bed. We see a woman who has been rejected by society because of her condition she has been struggling with for 12 years....the more she goes to the doctors the worse she gets. We find not one, but two blind men who live day to day in darkness with no hope of ever seeing.

Have you ever hit a wall in your life or seen a wall in someone's that seemed so hopeless, that there was no answer. It's a wall so big and so strong that you've never been able to get passed. You've tried to do everything in your power, you've followed every religious formula to healing and wholeness and you wake up with the reality that nothing is ever going to change. Your sickness is too great, your demons are too many, your blindness is too dark and your storm is too big...

But it's in these moments where God is not stumped. He is not frustrated when we keep falling back into the same addictions. He's not wondering how to get us to point B when were stranded at point A. Our sin, our darkness doesn't stop him from desiring to draw near to hover over us and speaking freedom over our lives and circumstances.

We must not undermine the power of JESUS. We must not hold out our hands and say that His grace is only limited to that much. We can't say He'll forgive this sin, but that one is too filthy, too grotesque, too unbearable for any light to penetrate.


There is no sin that is too great, there is no storm that is too violent, there is no sickness that is too deadly. Even if every demon in hell was lurking around you, they would not be able to stand up in the presence of Jesus. 

We need to stop providing this world with formulas and start giving them Jesus. We must stop giving a yoke of slavery to the generations and start unveiling their Savior. People don't need 5 steps to their healing, they need 5 seconds with Jesus. We must conclude that Jesus is ENOUGH. There must come a time when His people believe in the name that is greater, when they draw a line in the sand and say "He Can", "He Is" and "He Will" in stead of "He Might". The Blood of Jesus changes everything, every other answer is a lie. He can heal your cancer, He can restore your family, He can break you free of your addictions, set you free from your condemnation. Even if you've given up hope and are dying alone on your bed, He comes to you where you are...silences the voices of doubt and says ARISE!


When all seems helpless and hopeless, Jesus is Enough!