Daily Bible CoverThis blog will have no beauty or majesty to attract you to it....nothing in it's appearance that you should desire it above others. Nothing flashy, nothing catchy. No elaborate speech or entertaining story to accompany it. It's not a new message, yet it contains The only Message for the church. It doesn't provide new answers, it contains the only answer for this world. It's the reason we live, the reason we go to church. It contains our only hope, our only peace, our only shot at ever becoming holy. It breaks through the darkest night with an anthem of hope. It shatters the thickest prison, the greatest stronghold, the heaviest addiction, the most vile of demons...It tore the veil that separated man from his Creator. It not only defeated and overcame death, He paved the way for the masses to follow in his steps. So that the nations would overcome as He has overcome. So that the world could become holy as He is holy. The name that is above all other names. The lamb who was slain has become the One who is WORTHY, the One who is HOLY, the One who is to be EXALTED above everything in heaven and on earth. By his wounds the nations ARE healed. By his suffering we have been made whole. By his sacrifice we have been set FREE! His name is JESUS. It's always been about Jesus. He is the only message worth preaching. The only One worth imitating. The only remedy for our disease...if we ever stop preaching Jesus, the church will be robbed of it's power, stripped of it's life and destined to fail. It's all about Jesus, It's all about knowing Him and making Him known. Jesus is enough!